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What makes MagnumStone stand out as a premiere big block retaining wall system is all in the details. The engineered design of our hollow core blocks enhances design capabilities with unparalleled creative freedom to deliver exceptional retaining wall strength and durability.

MagnumStone’s outstanding versatility, exceptional drainage and multi-length gravity extender units offer unlimited wall solutions to fit any application. Our block specifications, design details, test data and technical resource documents offer a comfortable understanding of MagnumStone’s design proficiency and high-strength performance.

Cad Details


MagnumStone Unit Specifications Guide

MagnumStone Technical Guide

MagnumStone Gravity Retaining Wall Specifications

MagnumStone Geogrid Retaining Wall Specifications

MagnumStone Positive Connection Retaining Wall Specifications

Estimating Charts

Geogrid Retaining Wall Estimation Charts MagnumStone

Gravity Retaining Wall Estimation Charts MagnumStone

Design Details

Interlock/Drainage Detail

Railing In Core Design

Swale Detail

Inside Curve Geogrid Detail

Outside Curve Geogrid Detail

Inside Corner Geogrid Detail

Outside Corner Geogrid Detail

Concrete Culvert 18 Inch

Concrete Culvert 30 Inch

Inside Corner Positive Connection Detail

Inside Curve Positive Connection Detail

Outside Corner Positive Connection Detail

Outside Curve Positive Connection Detail

Gravity Wall

MagnumStone Construction Plans Gravity Retaining Wall

Gravity Wall Cross Section

Bioretention Pond – Gravity Cross Section

Retention Wet Ponds – Gravity Cross Section

Conveyance Channel Streambank – Gravity Cross Section

Detention Dry Ponds – Gravity Cross Section

Geogrid Wall

MagnumStone Construction Plans Geogrid Retaining Wall

Geogrid Wall Cross Section

Water Application Cross Section

Bioretention Pond – Geogrid Cross Section

Retention Wet Ponds – Geogrid Cross Section

Conveyance Channel Streambank – Geogrid Cross Section

Detention Dry Ponds – Geogrid Cross Section

Positive Connection

Positive Connection Cross Section

How To: Positive Connection Installation

MagnumStone Positive Connection Retaining Wall Specifications

MagnumStone Construction Plans Positive Connection Retaining Wall

Plantable Wall

Plantable Wall Charts 2 Foot

Plantable Wall Charts 4 Foot

Plantable Wall Charts 6 Foot

Cantilevered Wall

Cantilevered Wall Cross Section

Cantilevered Vertical Wall Cross Section

Cantilevered Wall Estimation Charts

Test Data


Interface Shear

MagnumStone B B Shear

Huesker Fortrac

MagnumStone Friction 55 30 20

MagnumStone Friction F35

MagnumStone Friction F55

Lukenhaus Raugrid

MagnumStone Friction L2x2N

MagnumStone Friction L3x3N

MagnumStone Friction L4x2N

MagnumStone Friction L6x3N


MagnumStone Friction 5xt

MagnumStone Friction 7xt

MagnumStone Friction 10xt

MagnumStone Friction 18xt

MagnumStone Friction m8xt


MagnumStone Friction 200

MagnumStone Friction 350 500 & 600Report

MagnumStone Friction 700


MagnumStone Friction SF80

MagnumStone Friction SF55


MagnumStone Friction UX1400

MagnumStone Friction UX1500

MagnumStone Friction UX1600


Huesker Fortrac

MagnumStone Positive F35

MagnumStone Positive F55

MagnumStone Positive F80

MagnumStone Positive F110

Lukenhaus Raugrid

MagnumStone Positive 2x2N

MagnumStone Positive L3x3N

MagnumStone Positive L6x3N

MagnumStone Positive L4x2N


MagnumStone Positive 5XT

MagnumStone Positive 7XT

MagnumStone Positive 8XT

MagnumStone Positive 10XT

MagnumStone Positive 18XT


MagnumStone Positive SG200

MagnumStone Positive SG350

MagnumStone Positive SG500

MagnumStone Positive SG600

MagnumStone Positive SG700


MagnumStone Friction SF35

MagnumStone Positive SF35

MagnumStone Positive SF55

MagnumStone Positive SF80

MagnumStone Positive SF90

MagnumStone Positive SF110


MagnumStone Friction UX1700

MagnumStone Positive UX1400

MagnumStone Positive UX1600

MagnumStone Positive UX1500

MagnumStone Positive UX1700

Sustained Load


MagnumStone Mirafi 10XT Sustained Load Report

MagnumStone Mirafi 10XT Sustained Load Test Summary

MagnumStone Mirafi 5XT Sustained Load Report

MagnumStone Mirafi 5XT Sustained Load Test Summary

Steel Ladder

3 Gage Steel Wire Ladder

MagnumStone 3 Gage Steel Wire Ladder


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