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Retaining Wall

Complementary facility optimization analysis

We know the importance of facility space for Producers, which is directly tied to their bottom line. Floor space shortages compromise a Producers’ ability to reach daily production targets of MagnumStone and other products. As a MagnumStone partner, we’re committed to optimizing facility space to help you navigate, maintain and exceed production targets.

Our experts at MagnumStone offer free facility optimization analyses to discover solutions that minimize MagnumStone’s footprint and fit your space. MagnumStone is continuously looking for ways to further develop and improve our products and best practices. This includes sharing the latest details of more efficient and effective ways for Producers to manufacture MagnumStone at each facility.

Become a MagnumStone Producer

& Machinery

Whether you’re just starting out in the industry and looking for a signature product to offer your market, or have a sophisticated business plan that MagnumStone will complement, our forms can fit any type of production facility.

Start Small

Over the years, many MagnumStone producers have begun with a small 10 form package and quickly ramp up as demand grows in their region. We recognize that each Producer and facility is different, with smaller businesses relying on personnel to meet daily production targets. MagnumStone can ease this pressure, as production can proceed with limited workforce and continue to be a profitable component of your business.

With a wealth of production experience to draw from, manufacturing MagnumStone has been a major asset to Producers of any operational capacity. Speaking from experience, a great example is that our MagnumStone Producers have successfully turned over 40 forms in a single shift with just one person and a forklift!

Talk to us about MagnumStone production at small facilities.

Go Big

The beauty of our forms is that you can stack, unstack, move and systemize as you grow. And MagnumStone has seen substantial growth. In fact, our Producers can attest that the market demand for blocks nearly always exceeds MagnumStone inventories, which offers a promising outlook for the future. To capitalize on high demand, some Producers are turning over more than 70 MagnumStone standard forms per day!

Some Producers place the forms onto a conveyor system and use concrete hoppers with vibration tables to semi-automate their production process. A two or three person crew, concrete, floor space and a forklift is all that’s required to manufacture MagnumStone’s big block retaining wall system.

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Production Facility Space Optimization

With a multitude of production methods and no limitations, Producers can delivering the same exceptional results regardless of which method best suits their facility. Requiring only 8,000 sq. ft. (745 sq. m.) of floor space, MagnumStone’s lightweight, mobile forms ensure that floor space will never limit opportunities to scale up production, either. The system’s lightweight forms provide Producers with the flexibility to easily shift locations throughout a facility and quickly scale up production. 

Efficiently maximize production facility space with MagnumStone forms.

Choose block colors for your market

Choose block colors for your market

Similar to any industry, each regional market has its own unique landscapes and market demands. As a MagnumStone Producer, you will have full autonomy over what color MagnumStone blocks are produced. We know our Producers are bona fide experts who know their territory best, so we fully trust their creative color selections.

The MagnumStone team is always happy to provide insight regarding cost-effective ways to achieve the colors your customers look for. Ask a MagnumStone expert for tips and techniques that can save major costs and deliver exceptional results.


In addition to offering refined best practices, MagnumStone also provides support with respect to sales, customer support and technical resources. Discover more about how MagnumStone supports its Producers here: