What are Positive
Connection Reinforced
Retaining Walls?

Positive Connection retaining walls are built to enhance long-lasting geogrid soil reinforcement through greater connection strength with advanced engineering designs. This is done by wrapping the approved, specified geogrid underneath the back backfill, through the hollow core of the blocks and back over the compacted backfill again with one continuous strip of geogrid. 

By maintaining a running bond pattern for this design, MagnumStone achieves 100% geogrid coverage for Positive Connection retaining walls. Attaining 100% geogrid coverage for Positive Connection retaining wall designs is a signature feature of MagnumStone’s interlocking precast big block system. 

Through Positive Connection, the retaining wall’s strength is evenly distributed along each course and forms a secure resistance to eliminate pullout connection failures. This delivers the ultimate geogrid reinforced connection, soil retention and stability to withstand extreme live loads above or behind the wall.

What’s the
Geogrid Walls
and Positive

MagnumStone positive connection retaining wall 100% geogrid coverage.

Working in tandem with MagnumStone’s concrete blocks, each layer of geogrid is strategically measured and placed between the vertical rows of big concrete blocks. Securely pinched between the top and bottom retaining wall courses with precise installation techniques, the approved engineered soil is then backfilled and compacted behind the wall for maximum strength. The blocks, soil and geogrid all work together as a system to effectively retain the earth structure.

Certified labs test the connection capacity of geogrid and blocks, commonly known as “Connection Capacity Testing”. These critical tests are used in engineering software programs to plan and design retaining wall projects.

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Advantages of Positive Connection Retaining Walls

  • Achieve 100% Geogrid Coverage

    MagnumStone’s 100% geogrid coverage for Positive Connection designs is a defining feature of the system, thanks to the block’s advanced hollow core design

  • Supreme Soil Reinforcement

    Positive Connection offers high-performance soil retention wall solutions, capable of features like curves, corners and more

  • Geogrid Performance for Proven Success

    MagnumStone has multiple geogrids tested for Positive Connection wall solutions, giving both engineers and installers more selection to choose from

When to Use Positive Connection Retaining Wall Designs

MagnumStone retaining wall applications

The purpose of Positive Connection retaining walls is to have the maximum connection capacity of the geogrid and retaining wall blocks to stabilize and reinforce soil. Departments of Transportation and Ministries of Transportation commonly specify Positive Connection for walls along roadways, railways, bridges and other high-risk areas. In certain jurisdictions, regulators have made Positive Connection designs mandatory.

The full impact and benefits of Positive Connection retaining walls are best exemplified by super tall retaining walls, as the structural performance is critical and is even the preferred design for regions with high seismic activity. The reliable design of these walls complements the durability of MagnumStone’s precast blocks for an integrated system that’s trusted by engineers, contractors and developers worldwide.

Common Applications of Positive Connection Retaining Walls

  • Mostly used in extreme conditions

  • Very tall walls, or heavy loading on top of retaining walls

  • Bridge Structures

  • Roadways & Railways

Positive Connection Retaining Wall Design Considerations

  • Heavy Loads

  • Slopes Above and/or Below

  • Soils Types

  • Structures Within the Wall – Piping and Utilities

  • Global Stability & Seismic

Positive Connection Solution

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