Education 101

MagnumStone Retaining Wall Course

Course Benefits

  • Save time and costs with strategic advantages of MagnumStone retaining wall systems

  • Learn the core types, concepts and key considerations of big block retaining wall systems

  • Discover best practices to successfully install secure, durable retaining walls

  • Gain valuable insights to common big block retaining wall errors and failures

  • Stories and creative applications from renowned industry experts

Who this course applies to

  • Contractors and Installers responsible for building retaining wall projects

  • Engineers, Architects and Land Developers who plan and design retaining walls

  • Engineers and Contractor professionals scheduling construction phase timelines

Course Overview

MagnumStone is proud to offer this insightful educational course outlining the key components and advantages of big block retaining wall systems through convenient online virtual training. Participants will learn from industry expert Vern Dueck, master wall builder and MagnumStone inventor, about the inner workings, creative designs and successful ways to build durable, long-lasting retaining walls.

With over 25 years of experience, Vern will guide participants through the core elements of big block retaining wall projects and share his expertise to help save time and money when designing and installing MagnumStone retaining wall systems. The course includes detailed considerations and advantages of MagnumStone’s units and creative flexibility, which are complemented by exceptional design and installation techniques uniting strength and beauty.

The course will showcase how and why MagnumStone retaining wall systems are quickly becoming an industry favourite for designers, installation crews and their clients. Participants can then immediately apply this knowledge on-site with MagnumStone’s innovative hollow core block design to create retaining wall systems they can trust and be proud of.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Vern Dueck, MagnumStone Inventor
  • History of a Contractor and MagnumStone’s Beginning
  • Big Block Advantages
  • MagnumStone Unit Types and Features
  • Benefits of Hollow Core Design
  • Preparation for Retaining Wall Construction
  • Importance of Base Leveling Pads
  • Soils & Backfilling
  • Filter Fabric Materials & Zones
  • Gravity Wall Extenders
  • Backfill Considerations
  • Tall Wall Construction
  • Types and Advantages of Geogrid
  • Base and Backfill Considerations
  • Drainage Systems
  • Common Reasons for Wall Failures
  • Geogrid Installation Quality Assurance Techniques
  • Tensioning for Geogrid
  • MagnumStone Geogrid Retaining Wall Examples and Applications
  • Critical Considerations for Water Wall Design
  • Protection of Water Walls from Natural Elements
  • Versatility of MagnumStone’s Hollow Core Blocks for Water Walls
  • Soil Settlement Considerations
  • MagnumStone Water Wall Examples and Applications
  • MagnumStone Plantable Retaining Wall Landscaping
  • Creative Advantages of Plantable Retaining Walls
  • Planting Soil Considerations
  • Convex/Curved and Terraced Designs
  • Structural Reinforcement with Hollow Core Blocks
  • Soil Nailing Systems for Large Projects
  • Importance of Base Preparation
  • MagnumStone Plantable Retaining Wall Examples and Applications
  • Case Study Analyses
  • Root Causes of Retaining Wall Failures

Pre-Requisites or Related Courses

While there are no pre-requisite courses for the MagnumStone Education 101 Course, it is strongly recommended that all designs and installations be performed by industry professionals.

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