MagnumStone: Big Block Retaining Wall Systems, Precast & Wet Cast Retaining Wall Molds

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MangumStone™ is a large wet-cast retaining wall system, cleverly engineered with a hollow core. Its hollow design uses nearly half the concrete of a solid system while maintaining all of its strength and durability.

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MagnumStone’s hollow core allows production facilities to maximize their output and reduce their carbon footprint. Its unique hollow core design means less concrete to pour, making the units lighter for handling purposes…

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The MagnumStone™ 8 sq face ft is light enough to be moved on site in pairs of 16 sq ft with a standard bobcat. The large light weight hollow core MagnumStone™ units can be installed quickly to create curves and turn corners…

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The MagnumStone’s large vertical and horizontal cores allow wall designers the flexibility of creating many solutions without environmentally costly side-effects. The aesthetically pleasing plantable terraces maximize…

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Here are some examples of what the MagnumStone System is capable of.

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