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The MagnumStone Retaining Wall Design & Analysis Software program is designed with the Engineer in mind. It includes multiple methodologies, MagnumStone retaining wall products and geogrid reinforcement options for the designer to choose from. This comprehensive software allows the user to select and edit soils information, input loads and slopes above and below the retaining wall. 

Global stability is available within the program, allowing engineers the ability to perform deep dives into the analysis of the walls being designed. You can customize almost any component of your project, with the ability to export your design to AutoCAD. The program is powerful and easy to use, making it a time and money saver for engineers.

MagnumStone Wall Designer is feature packed

Perform deep-dive analyses on MagnumStone retaining wall designs to account for unique site details including soil compositions, active loads and global stability to ensure your cross-sections are structurally sound.

MagnumStone Retaining Wall Design & Analysis Software users share a common goal of building secure, long-lasting retaining walls that keep homes, businesses and communities safe. Let’s get started.

Input Options

  • Wall Geometry

  • Soil Compositions

  • Factor of Safety

  • Block Specifications

  • Geogrid Properties

  • Global Stability

  • Compound Stability

  • Live & Dead Loads

  • Project Information

  • Imperial or Metric

Features & Benifits

  • Utilizes NCMA, AASHTO, and AASHTO LRFD method options

  • Great for designing solutions within the transportation industry

  • Easy Export function to AutoCAD

Wall Structure Options

  • Gravity Walls

  • Geogrid Friction Reinforced

  • Geogrid Positive Reinforced

Step by Step Instruction Video

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How to Use MagnumStone Wall
Design & Analysis Software

CTI Design Software

This intuitive CTI MagnumStone software bolsters design efficiency and precision with enhanced automated features and trusted wall solutions throughout the design process.

CTI delivers advanced reporting output for calculations and PDF reports, plus it is the preferred software for projects in metric units. View CTI’s easy-to-learn MagnumStone software tutorial videos to learn more!

CTI Software Tutorial VIdeos

Getting StarteD: MODULE 1 - 3:04 Min
Creating retaining wall cross sections: MODULE 2 - 3:26 Min
designing retaining wall profiles: MODULE 3 - 5:44 Min
get quantities and export designs: MODULE 4 - 4:33 Min

REA Design Software

The REA MagnumStone software ensures cross sections are structurally sound and secure with built-in features that include global stability and in-depth water analysis functions.

This software is recommended for projects in imperial units or to expedite project planning phases when designing retaining walls directly from site plan PDFs. Check out REA’s MagnumStone software tutorials videos today!

REA Software Tutorial VIdeos

Getting StarteD: MODULE 1 - 2:37 Min
Creating retaining wall cross sections: MODULE 2 - 6:09 Min
Retaining Wall Designs & Layouts: MODULE 3 - 5:18 Min
Results & Reports: MODULE 4 - 3:39 Min

How to Use MagnumStone Wall
Design & Analysis Software

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