What are Geogrid Reinforced Retaining Walls?

Geogrid reinforced retaining walls are load-bearing composite structures. These walls consist of compact soil backfill materials and geogrid layers. The geogrid layers provide reinforcement to the unreinforced soil.

Their integrated system includes big block retaining walls. These walls protect against soil erosion and support heavy or active loads above. They reinforce soil and further strengthen the wall.

These retaining walls expand land development projects. They also stabilize pressures caused by parking lots, civil structures, roadways, or bridges above the wall.

Geogrid retaining walls are cost-efficient for large walls. They use geogrid material, an engineered fabric made of polypropylene, to aid in soil reinforcement.

Geogrid reinforced retaining walls are a methodically engineered system comprised of:

  • Geogrid reinforcement material

  • MagnumStone concrete retaining wall blocks

  • Reinforced engineered soils

  • Effective drainage channels

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Advantages of Geogrid Retaining Walls

  • Less Geogrid Layers, More MagnumStone Geogrid Strength

    Our 2 feet tall (0.61 m.) standard blocks require less layers compared to shorter blocks and SRWs. This reduces the risk of wall failures caused by poor installation or inadequate design.

  • Superior Drainage Channels for Extra Protection

    Safely and effectively remove rainwater and run-off from behind geogrid walls. This is made possible with the block's hollow core offering horizontal and vertical internal drainage zones.

  • More Geogrid Tension & Resistance with Hollow Cores

    Our system has a hollow core design filled with drainage gravel. This provides added connection between the geogrid, blocks, and internal drainage column. The result is maximum porosity to improve inadequate drainage.

How Do
Walls Work?

MagnumStone’s concrete blocks are used alongside geogrid layers. These layers are measured and placed between vertical rows of the blocks. The geogrid is installed securely between the retaining wall courses using precise techniques. The approved soil is then backfilled and compacted behind the wall for maximum tensile strength.

The blocks, soil, and geogrid complement each other to retain the earth’s structure. Certified labs carry out essential “Connection Capacity Testing” on geogrid-block connections. These tests are crucial for engineering software programs to design retaining wall projects.

Common Applications for Geogrid Retaining Walls:

  • Tall Walls. The sky is the limit, taller wall heights can fit your imagination.

  • Land Expansion & Development. Cut Walls & Fill Walls extend usable property space.

  • Performance Under Pressure. Build strong, durable walls with heavy and active loads.

  • Stormwater & Erosion Solutions. Contain, redirect, and manage any water applications.

  • Bridge Abutments & Wing Walls. These rely on soil reinforcement to ensure maximum strength and stability while supporting the weight of the bridge.

  • Seawall Protection. Well-designed seawall protection prevents wall failures due to waves and tides.

When to Use
Geogrid for
Retaining Wall

MagnumStone offers a free Retaining Wall Design & Analysis Software that examines essential factors. The software checks if geogrid is needed by analyzing heights, loads, soils, and seismic factors. If required, the software automatically determines the Geogrid length and strength. The retaining wall systems are engineered using various methodologies like NCMA, AASHTO, EUROCODE, and LRFD.

Retaining walls taller than 6 ft. (1.82 m.) need geogrid reinforcement. Geogrid walls cost less than cast-in-place concrete walls, which require massive footings and rebar.

Geogrid Retaining Wall Design Considerations:

  • Integral Structures Within the Wall – Piping and Utilities

  • Heavy Loads

  • Slope Conditions Above and/or Below

  • Soils Types

  • Global Stability & Seismic

Geogrid Solution

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