Why 40

Why 40 Is Our Number

MagnumStone Retaining walls offer many Engineering, construction and civil advantages. From placing fence posts directly into the hollow core to our gravity retaining wall extenders. The idea of having a hollow core vertically and horizontally opens up so many opportunities. One of our favourites is the 40%!

40% Less Concrete

MagnumStone uses 40% less concrete

When comparing to solid blocks the MagnumStone retaining wall blocks can save up to 40% concrete. The hollow core (both vertical and horizontal) are not poured during the production process. This saves the concrete producers the extra costly expense of the raw products to produce the concrete when compared to a solid block. The savings are in Cement, Water, Aggregates and the labour to produce the raw materials.

40% More Retaining Wall

MagnumStone get 40% more retaining wall

More retaining wall for every truck load. Taking away all of that concrete means that you don’t need to ship that concrete to site. The blocks themselves are a full 8 sq ft (0.745 sq m) of face. When comparing this to a lot of other big block systems is increases the face sq (sq m) footage by over 40%.

40% More Permeable

MagnumStone 40% more permeable

Did you know that the major cause for wall failures is water? Water adds hydro-static pressure to the infill zone of the retaining wall and if it’s not taken care of adds loading and eventually causes failures. The MagnumStone has an integrated drainage zone in the hollow core. The drainage zone is both vertical and horizontal ensuring that no water stays within the block zone. Of course proper drainage outlets and water management in the design is also very important.

40% More Eco-Friendly

MagnumStone 40% more eco-friendly retaining walls

The production of concrete is something that we can not remove. It’s long lasting and very easy to work with. Structures that Romans built are still standing the test of time. Being able to reduce the amount of concrete production by 40% with our system is one way that we are trying to help. The second environmental factor is the plantable walls. opening up the hollow core allows for planting inside the pockets creating green walls and reducing the heat island effect. Plus they just look great!

40% Faster Installation

MagnumStone 40% faster retaining wall installation

Every standard MagnumStone retaining wall block is 8 sq ft. This means that the efficiency of installation goes up allowing more block to be installed in less time. An installers equipment is valuable and maximizing the installation process is very important. With every swing of the track hoe they can place 40% more block than some of the other systems.

40% Depth Of Excavation

MagnumStone 40% depth of excavation

Using our MagnumStone gravity extenders we can achieve as low as 40% height of wall for base excavation. That saves precious and very expensive land. The retaining wall extenders are attached to the back of the standard block and if needed can also be connected together. A tongue and groove system is utilised for this process.

Our Hollow Core Block Technology