West Ox Animal Shelter

The MagnumStone walls were built as gravity systems to meet the architect’s design intent and the county’s engineering requirements. The engineer designed the walls with redi-mix concrete in the MagnumStone hollow cores and at varying depths behind the walls to create the necessary mass. Double-sided MagnumStone blocks were used on the top course of the main wall to provide a barrier/parapet since the wall is in a loading dock area. The safety fence was installed directly in the hollow cores of the MagnumStone blocks. Custom caps were manufactured for the main wall. The contractor had to build inside corners, outside corners and various tangent angles to keep the walls in alignment with the site plans. The cheek walls for the steps were quite challenging because the wall batter had to be calculated and blocks needed to be sawcut on angles to accommodate the cast in place stairs. The end result is a set of very structurally sound walls that provide access to the parking lot, a loading dock and a protected area for the generator.

MagnumStone Steel Grid Reinforced