Produce a Profitable Partnership with MagnumStone®

An efficient, sustainable retaining wall system to help grow your business

If you’re looking to build your business by adding
innovative product lines with high profit margin potential,
you’ve come to the right place. The MagnumStone® line
of retaining wall products provides our manufacturing
partners with the latest engineering technology,
unmatched production efficiencies and stunning face
designs that can win new business and increase
your profits.

As a MagnumStone® producer, you will be part of an
exclusive group of quality precast concrete manufacturers
who are crafting the leading retaining wall systems for
commercial and residential construction. Backed by
our team of MagnumStone® design and engineering
technicians, you have access to a library of technical and
installation manuals and promotional material, along with
any needed technical assistance from our expert team.

Interested in learning how MagnumStone can be profitable for you?

Molds | Forms

  • Lightweight molds can be stacked, increasing your floor space usage
  • Molds can be placed into your production line (no other product on the market can do this), which means more efficient production
  • Extenders are poured separately from wall face – on a different set of forms – so you can stockpile standard pieces and save production time

While you’re making great product, you’ll also benefit from two of the major “E’s” of our industry: Environment and Economics.

Environment: MagnumStone® supports the cement industry’s efforts to reduce
its carbon footprint. Our innovative hollow core designs significantly reduce
the amount of concrete you’ll pour, while maintaining a robust, structurally
sound wall system. The hollow core design reduces environmental impacts at all
stages of manufacturing. Using 10–15% less cement than comparable systems,
CornerStone® products reduce CO2 emissions for our producers. In addition,
a lighter individual unit weight means easier transportation, lower fuel costs,
smaller equipment needed, and faster installation.

Economics: Our environmental focus also pays benefits from an economic
standpoint. As a producer, you will see a cost reduction compared to other
wall systems in manufacturing, transportation, materials and labor due to the
product design.

Interested in learning how MagnumStone can be profitable for you?

As a Producer, You Will Receive

Technical Support

Experienced MagnumStone® staff is ready to answer your project questions and help you work through any production or installation situations that may arise.

Sales & Marketing Support

We have tested and developed effective sales and marketing strategies over the years, so you can concentrate on your top priority – manufacturing an awesome product for your customers. Through our website, and with our brochures, other product literature, and even some creative ideas, you will have all the tools you need to sell MagnumStone® systems.

Educational Seminars

Our educational seminars equip you for success by providing a clear understanding of each MagnumStone® product and the benefits they provide to you and your customers. We cover production, installation, design, sustainability, and answer your questions in these informative sessions.

Installation manuals

MagnumStone® detailed manuals take you step-by-step through all project phases, proactively helping you resolve any problems you may encounter along the way.

Brochures & Case Studies

We regularly update our products, adding new molds and other features, and we’re committed to keeping our sales and marketing materials fresh. As a MagnumStone® producer you will receive our most recent brochures, highlighting our innovative products. In addition, our MagnumStone® line includes brochures and case studies highlighting its unique features.

Technical Manuals

CAD drawings and technical manuals for every product are available for download on the website, so you can share them with your design team. Perfect for architects and engineers, these manuals make designing your project a breeze. It’s all about finding simple solutions for you and your customers!

Engineering and Design Software

Engineering and design software can be outrageously expensive. Our team and
30+ years of experience and works with state-of-the-art software that allows
users to design fully engineered retaining walls. From simple cross sections to
full plan drawings. We can train you and your staff to be up and running in days.
This software is free for you and your users. We even send you the leads from
our website when a download is completed in your territory.

These are just the highlights. There are many more advantages to becoming part
of the MagnumStone network of producers. Contact us today and learn more
producing your profitable partnership with MagnumStone®!


Interested in learning how MagnumStone can be profitable for you?

Interested in learning about our Starter Packages?

Starter Package #1

  • 5 Standard Molds
  • 1 half high
  • End Cap Corners
  • 1 small extender for gravity walls
  • 2 long extenders for taller walls

Starter Package #2

  • 10 Standard Molds
  • 2 half high
  • End Cap Corners
  • 1 small extender for gravity walls
  • 2 long extenders for taller walls