Curved Retaining Walls

The versatile capabilities of large precast blocks have become more refined over past decades, as demonstrated by the engineered design of MagnumStone’s prominent hollow core big block units. Equipped with a subtle angle along the sides of the block’s hollow core, MagnumStone units strategically make designing and installing masterful curved retaining walls easier for engineers and contractors. The blocks’ 8 sq. ft. (0.74 sq. m.) facings can also be positioned to form inside curves, achieving elegant, modern and classic appearances with MagnumStone’s signature durability.

Retaining Walls With Stunning Curved Designs

Whether your upcoming retaining wall projects require gravity, geogrid or steel reinforced applications, MagnumStone’s outstanding block dimensions provide the creative freedom to make your vision a reality and exceed all expectations. Below are examples of curved retaining walls using MagnumStone blocks which can help inspire the next wave of development and infrastructure around the world:

Magnumstone Resources & Support

In addition to offering refined best practices, MagnumStone also provides support with respect to sales, customer support and technical resources. Discover more about how MagnumStone supports its Producers here: