Blue River Missouri Retaining Walls

Blue River Missouri Retaining Walls

Year Built: 2019

Manufacturer: Midwest Bock & Brick

Installer: BC Hardscapes

Owner: Durvett Warehouse

Location: Blue River Missouri

When Durvett Warehouse needed a retaining wall they went with the best on the market. This project is an expansion development for adding a new warehouse to a growing business. The Blue River Missouri retaining walls are being installed quickly due to the large size and light weight units of the MagnumStone Blocks. The total combination of all retaining walls should reach approximately 10,000 sq ft (930  sq m) with maximum height reaching  16 ft high (4.8 m)

MagnumStone MSE retaining wall

Blue River Missouri Retaining Walls

MagnumStone Natural LedgeFace Texture

Mechanically stabilized earth retaining wall

Retaining wall drain pipe

Retaining wall blue springs missouri




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