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Big Block Retaining Wall

Everywhere you go throughout every day, there are things that you pass and never think about twice. These are things that we rely on to work, the things that we expect to stand the test of time and to do their job day after day for many years, with as little maintenance as possible. If things were any different, our lives would be much more difficult. Roads, gutters, bridges: we expect them to stay in place, to serve us, to last us. There’s another thing that falls into this category, however, that we think about less than anything.

Retaining walls. Their purposes are many, but it all comes down to one quality. Just as we expect roads to be where we need them from one week to the next, we expect the retaining walls that hold up those roads to follow the same standards. Now, this is an extreme example, but anytime we use a retaining wall, its integrity needs to be beyond question. Separating yards into sections, barricading low-lying lands from floods, keeping our bridges safe: these are the sorts of tall tasks to which retaining walls are called on a regular basis.

Magnumstone Retaining Wall System

Thus, it stands to reason that when the time comes to build a retaining wall, you go with the best. You find the walls that have withstood the test of time, the walls that have proven themselves, the walls that you can depend on to do what you need them to do. Your engineered retaining wall system needs to be able to defend itself. Plus, it ought to look good in the process. This may sound like a lot, but with MagnumStone Big Block Retaining Wall by CornerStone Wall Solutions Inc., we don’t think it’s asking too much. We are a team of dedicated professionals pouring our hearts into the large-block retaining wall systems that we create.

Magnumstone Exclusive Gravity Extenders - Installation

With endless design options to choose from, MagnumStone Big Block Retaining Wall is the ideal retaining wall for any situation. You can rest easy too, because our walls are conservation-minded, engineered with a hollow core in order to use half the concrete of a traditional block. Favored by designers, adored by contractors, and put together with the sort of expertise that you know you can expect from CornerStone Wall Solutions, MagnumStone is the true king of retaining walls, awesome to look at and crafted with an eye toward reality for your peace of mind.

Magnumstone Gravity Extenders

Design Options

Block Types

MagnumStone Standard Unit
MagnumStone Standard Base Unit
MagnumStone Standard Top Unit
MagnumStone Half High Unit
MagnumStone Half High Base Unit
MagnumStone Half High Top Unit
MagnumStone Standard Corner End Unit
MagnumStone Half High Corner End Unit
MagnumStone Step/Cap Unit

Exclusive Gravity Extenders

MagnumStone Gravity Retaining Wall Extenders replace Geogrid reinforcements by using a tongue-and-groove concrete system that meets or exceeds the demands of engineers.

MagnumStone Exclusive Gravity Extender

This system reduces the massive footprints demanded by cantilevered traditional gravity retaining walls and gives developers and owners greater use of land above the wall.

The concrete mass extenders use a tongue-and-groove connection to lock into the back of the retaining wall blocks. The extenders may also be locked into each other creating deeper units, allowing for flexible design and easy installation. The system’s design allows ample room immediately behind the wall for utility services.

MagnumStone Gravity Extenders In ActionMagnumStone gravity retaining wall extenders also reduce the amount of concrete required compared to competitive solid gravity-wall. Because of the unique hollow core design and the large spaces between extenders side by side It also reduces the amount of production and transportation costs.

MagnumStone concrete mass extenders are available in lengths of 2 and 4 feet and when chained together, the system can create extenders up to 12 feet or greater. A free-draining material is placed in the MagnumStone and around each extender units for the entire wall project.

MagnumStone retaining wall is available in setbacks of 4.5, 2.4 and 0 degrees (near vertical), and in a variety of beautiful faces. Please check with your local producer for the setbacks and faces available in your region.

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    MagnumStone Extenders Image Two
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    MagnumStone Extenders Image Three
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