Top 6 Benefits of Big Block Retaining Walls


Retaining walls come in all shapes and sizes, so which will fit your project best? While some projects are better suited for segmental retaining wall systems (SRW), big blocks are taking the world by storm. MagnumStone’s advanced easy-to-use system has a few key benefits that can help you make your project easier for everyone involved.

Retaining walls are installed for long-lasting strength, which reinforce, stabilize and protect your property while even adding value. Let’s look at why big block systems like MagnumStone are becoming the preferred choice of homeowners, installers and engineers worldwide.

1. Fast, Efficient Retaining Wall Installations

Effectively managing resources are critical to any retaining wall project to ensure you stay on schedule and within budget. Unlike SRW systems, MagnumStone’s big block units cover 8 sq. ft. (0.74 sq. m) of wall facing per block. Larger units come together quicker and can save significant labor expenses associated with building your retaining wall.

Contractors worldwide prefer using MagnumStone because the blocks are designed for simple, cost-efficient installations. Professional three person crews can easily make quick work of projects by installing over 1,000 sq. ft. (93 sq. m) per day!

2. Build More with Smaller Equipment

Why spend money on unnecessarily large excavators when the job can be done by smaller, more affordable equipment? Compared to solid concrete systems, MagnumStone’s hollow core block design is 40% lighter, which makes it more compatible with different equipment. Fun fact: A standard Bobcat can lift two MagnumStone blocks at once (16 sq. ft.!), which will make any contractor happy.

3. Durable Longevity of Wet Cast Concrete

Alright, so the case has been made for cost-efficiency, but are big block retaining walls built to last? Precast wet cast retaining walls are manufactured with consistency and strength top of mind. Wet cast concrete production results in minimal water absorption and a dramatic increase in weatherproofing. To help ensure uncompromised durability that withstands the elements, MagnumStone manufacturers worldwide have a minimum requirement of 4,000 PSI (24MPa) strength mix design.

MagnumStone big blocks are battle-tested as durable oceanfront retaining walls and stormwater management systems – they’re also approved by Departments of Transportation. Want to learn more? Check out our case studies to discover how effective MagnumStone walls truly are.

4. Eco-Friendly Big Block Retaining Walls

Did you know large retaining walls can be environmentally friendly as well? MagnumStone’s hollow core design uses 40% less concrete (and far less water) to manufacture than solid concrete systems. This allows us to ship more units per truckload and use smaller equipment on-site, reducing CO2 emissions throughout the process.

Plus, the hollow cores can be used for more creative projects like Planter Walls. By minimizing concrete usage and promoting more greenery, Planter Walls further reduce heat island effects which harm our environment.

5. Build a Beautiful Retaining Wall

The look of retaining walls have come a long way over the past few decades. From gabion-style structures and flat-faced concrete walls, now modern natural stone facings provide fresh, professional aesthetics that everyone loves.

MagnumStone’s craggy, rugged facing blends in with nature and gives properties a stylish touch. This adaptable appearance will stand out to everyone, from designers and installers to homeowners and passersby. Make your retaining wall projects worthwhile structures you can be proud of.

6. Less Excavation Area, More Space to Play

Furthermore, MagnumStone’s one-of-a-kind gravity extenders require less excavation area for retaining wall projects. With these, MagnumStone’s big blocks can fit in tight urban centers for infrastructure development, or create elegant, spacious backyard spaces.

Discover how MagnumStone big blocks can extend, secure and strengthen your property today by visiting MagnumStone Retaining Wall Solutions & Designs or contacting your nearest MagnumStone supplier.

To see MagnumStone’s big block retaining walls in action check out this video below: