Residential Applications

Yard extensions and driveway retaining walls are two common residential applications of the MagnumStone big block system. While the system is best known for commercial projects and infrastructure development, these precast hollow core blocks are excellent everlasting solutions for yards, driveways, raised gardens and paver patios. MagnumStone’s innovative gravity retaining walls with extender units require less excavation area so you can preserve more of your property’s natural landscape or regain land by building closer to property lines.

Diverse Applications for Residential Retaining Wall Blocks

From rural farms to modern suburban developments, MagnumStone’s multi-functional versatility and stunning textures blend well into any scenery. The system’s exceptional mix of durable performance and high-strength design can transform your property with remarkable natural stone looks to enhance stability, create more space and make you the envy of the neighborhood.

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Photos: Masters Concrete Products, Cirtex & SEMA Precast

Magnumstone Resources & Support

In addition to offering refined best practices, MagnumStone also provides support with respect to sales, customer support and technical resources. Discover more about how MagnumStone supports its Producers here: