Outdoor Stairs and Steps

The versatility of MagnumStone retaining wall blocks offer engineers and contractors a wide range of creative retaining wall features, from sharp corners and flowy curves to unique top-of-wall details. With MagnumStone’s multi-purpose cap units and half-high blocks, outdoor staircases are another great way to step up your retaining wall’s appearance and functionality.

Step Up Outdoor Landscaping & Retaining Wall Designs

Measuring 6 inches (15 cm) tall, cap units are a perfectly comfortable and safe height for steps along your retaining wall. The MagnumStone caps have proven to be the most popular way to incorporate steps and stairs into MagnumStone walls, either by using their original size offset and stacked upon each other or with every second step cut in half length-wise as a cost-efficient way to save on materials. Alternatively, the 12 inch (30 cm) height of MagnumStone’s half-high blocks are another effective option for hardscape steps.

To save valuable property space, retaining walls with built-in stair designs have become more common for residential and commercial applications. Check out the design ideas below for outdoor stairs and steps to include in your next MagnumStone retaining walls:

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