MagnumStone Gravity Extenders

MagnumStone’s varying gravity retaining wall extenders offer retaining wall planners and designers the opportunity to build taller gravity retaining walls by increasing wall depths in 2 ft. or 4 ft. increments. Gravity retaining wall extenders deliver an impactful performance by allowing taller gravity retaining wall designs and they work well in tight spaces.

Advantages of Gravity Extender Units

The gravity extenders help to strengthen retaining walls’ outside corners and reduce massive excavation area footprints of traditional gravity and geogrid retaining walls. By replacing geogrids reinforcements with its interlocking tongue-and-groove system, MagnumStone’s gravity extenders also allow for services to be installed within the usable infill area behind the retaining wall to make projects’ logistics easier to plan and navigate.

To learn more, check out our Gravity Retaining Wall Design page, or read our blog about MagnumStone’s Gravity Extender units.

Magnumstone Resources & Support

In addition to offering refined best practices, MagnumStone also provides support with respect to sales, customer support and technical resources. Discover more about how MagnumStone supports its Producers here: