Parking Area Retaining Walls

The strength and versatility of MagnumStone’s hollow core big block retaining wall system makes it a perfect fit for residential, commercial and industrial parking area applications of any size. MagnumStone retaining walls have been used for hundreds of parking area developments by creating level surfaces and expanding usable property for families to enjoy or to make businesses more accessible.

Strong, Eye-Catching Parking Area Retaining Walls 

With exceptional vertical and horizontal drainage channels, our precast blocks help remove and direct water runoff away from impermeable surfaces like roadways and parking lots. MagnumStone retaining walls last decades by diverting runoff to safe areas which will, in turn, prevent and protect against flooding and erosion. Check out this MagnumStone case study or find your nearest MagnumStone supplier for further insight!

MagnumStone’s Retaining Walls Benefits for Parking Lot Development

MagnumStone’s retaining stone walls provide numerous benefits for parking lot development. These include creating level surfaces and expanding usable property. With MagnumStone’s retaining walls, families and businesses can easily access parking spaces.

Additionally, MagnumStone’s precast blocks feature exceptional drainage channels. These channels ensure proper drainage that effectively removes and redirects water runoff from impermeable surfaces. It is essential in preventing flooding and soil erosion, ensuring the safety and durability of the property.

MagnumStone’s walls are long-lasting, cost-efficient, and protect against water problems for decades.

Cost-Effective, Sustainable Solutions

MagnumStone’s retaining walls offer a cost-effective and environmentally friendlier solution for parking lot designs compared to other systems.

The precast and modular retaining wall design of MagnumStone reduces labor and equipment costs. Combined with the blocks’ durability, this makes MagnumStone’s retaining walls a worthwhile building material for parking area construction.

Additionally, MagnumStone’s hollow core blocks use 40% less concrete than solid block systems for a much lower environmental impact. With less concrete, the units are less heavy, therefore more can be shipped in fewer truckloads. Eco-friendly plantable retaining wall design options  are also an excellent way to go for parking lot aesthetics and they reduce heat island effect thanks to more green space.

Additional Benefits of MagnumStone’s Retaining Walls

MagnumStone’s durable wall blocks provide not only functional benefits but also aesthetic appeal. They are a popular choice among architects, civil engineers, and property owners.

Here are some of the other benefits of MagnumStone’s retaining walls:

Quick and Easy Installation

MagnumStone’s retaining walls are easy to install. They allow for efficient construction times and minimize disruptions to businesses and communities. This is especially important for parking area developments that need to be operational as soon as possible.

Customizable Designs

The design of MagnumStone’s hollow core big block retaining walls is highly customizable. This provides flexibility and versatility in parking area expansion plans. Architects and engineers can create unique and creative designs tailored to the specific needs of their clients.

Increased Property Value

MagnumStone’s retaining walls offer long-lasting protection and an everlasting design. Thus, they can potentially increase the value of a property. They provide a durable and visually appealing solution that can last for many years, enhancing the overall value of the property.

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