Mohican Pool in Bethesda, Maryland


York Building Products


Botanica Enterprises


Mohican Swimming Pool Association


Bethesda, MD


Dennis Anderson Construction Corporation


Nobis Engineering, Inc.


Scott A. Miller Consulting Engineer

MagnumStone was chosen on this project because it was less expensive than cast in place concrete and required less excavation than segmental block with geogrid. The area behind the wall is rock, so minimizing excavation was critical. 4’ concrete extensions were used on the bottom 5 courses of the wall to increase its mass and allow it to function as a gravity system. Additionally, its smooth precast concrete texture was appropriate for a swimming pool setting where it has interaction with people. The wall comes off of the building foundation, rises to a total wall height of 16’ (exposed height of 15’) at the inside corner, and then runs perpendicular to an outside corner. At the outside corner the wall transitions into terraces.

The MagnumStone product has a plantable option where the blocks above are offset and their concrete lugs rest in behind the course below to create a plantable area. The bottom course on this wall has coping installed to provide seating and the upper terraces are planted. A total of 1,309 SF of face area was installed. On this unique application the MagnumStone product not only retains the soil, but also provides seating and planting terraces.