MagnumStone Retaining Walls at Monarch Stadium




Beckett Landscaping


Marshall County School District


Moundsville, West Virginia


Colaianni Construction


Robert Race

A Winning Look for Monarch Stadium

Positioned along the northern tip of West Virginia, in the town of Moundsville, stands the newly renovated Monarch Stadium. Reconstructed in 2020, the revamped football stadium proudly sits along the eastern shore of the Ohio River in Marshall County. Beside the new turf field stands an impressive 8,100 square foot (752 square meter) MagnumStone geogrid retaining wall which guides spectators to the field.

The stadium’s overhaul began in 2018 with the demolition of the original field, restrooms and bleacher seating from 1968. The owner of the project, Marshall County School District, wanted to create a safer, inviting facility for future community events. Thanks to a brand-new turf field, seating enhancements and amenity improvements, the transformation will enhance everyone’s experience.

Now, like John Marshall High School’s devoted football fans, MagnumStone is firmly entrenched in Monarch Stadium’s future.

MagnumStone Retaining Wall Scouting Report

Similar to a powerful, agile linebackers, the MagnumStone retaining wall’s versatile design can tackle any retaining wall project. This signature lightweight big block system was sourced by contractor Colaianni Construction from Oberfields, local MagnumStone producers, who are renowned for their high-quality hardscape concrete products. MagnumStone’s easy installation, consistent dimensions and rugged looks hit the perfect mix of speedy construction and natural rock outcropping aesthetics.

MagnumStone’s hollow core blocks use 40% less concrete than solid concrete systems, making transportation and installation more cost-efficient and eco-friendly. And, because of their lightweight structure, the blocks require smaller equipment to install. Each block’s facing covers 8 square feet (0.745 square meters) to make quick work of lengthy and tall retaining walls.

Ready… Set… MagnumStone!

Two MagnumStone retaining walls were built on-site at Monarch Stadium. The first, a two-course gravity retaining wall, protects the flagpole west of the field. The second and largest retaining wall installation stretches the length of the field beginning at John Marshall Field House. Located behind the east side bleachers, this geogrid retaining wall tops out at 12 feet (3.66 meters) high and supports a new parking lot, complete with a subtle concave curve leading toward the field house stairway. Its primary function is to bear the load of vehicles and help redirect stormwater runoff from the paved, impermeable surface.

Geogrid’s Trusted Lateral Gains

Geogrid further reinforces the soil located behind the retaining wall to help it withstand the pressures of loads above. An unexpected obstacle encountered during the installation of this wall was the discovery of an abandoned sewage line behind the retaining wall. Thanks to MagnumStone’s versatility and the expertise of the project’s installation team, Beckett Landscaping, a solution was found and the project continued as planned.

This location behind the west bleachers was previously a narrow walking path for spectators. Part of the renovations included widening the path for the convenience of spectators while also to making it an accessible roadway for emergency vehicles.

A Strong, Enduring Defense

MagnumStone’s long-standing durability and ruggedness are strategically designed like an efficient playbook for contractors and installers. In fact, MagnumStone has free geogrid retaining wall step-by-step playbooks available online in the form of installation guides and comprehensive software that give instant results.

Oberfields’ precast wet-cast production process ensures the blocks are weather-resistant and can endure tough weather conditions. To prevent future water damage or wall failures, the retaining wall system’s exceptional features allow for vertical and horizontal drainage. The hollow cores are filled with clear crush gravel to regain mass and strength, which also drains far more efficiently.

Under Cap Lighting Scores Extra Point

The most underrated aspects of MagnumStone’s retaining walls are the endless possibilities attributed to the blocks’ versatility and natural facing. Engineers and designers have incredible flexibility to make MagnumStone retaining walls shine, day or night.

The pathway in front of the large retaining wall at Monarch Stadium is not illuminated, so an added safety measure was installed. Lights were attached under the retaining wall’s cap units to brighten the area for fans during nighttime games and events.

MagnumStone retaining wall blocks are the winning choice for projects like Monarch Stadium. Special thanks to Oberfields, Beckett Landscaping, Colaianni Construction, Robert Race and Marshall County School District. MagnumStone is proud to help build residential and commercial retaining walls that support communities achieve a winning outcome with their projects.

Photos: Oberfields LLC.

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