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GlenEagles Development


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Iconic Wall Supports Hillside Development

The GlenEagles development required a strong, resilient retaining wall solution as a foundation for its new luxury home neighborhood. MagnumStone’s unparalleled strength and durability made it the premier choice for a project of this magnitude. The positive connection wall design achieves 100% geogrid coverage to reinforce the hillside development’s heavy loading. Atop the wall, fence posts were installed directly into MagnumStone’s hollow core blocks to maximize each property’s yard space.

MagnumStone Offers Developers Pristine View of Canadian Rockies

Sitting atop the elevated MagnumStone retaining wall, the development is accentuated by the breathtaking views of the Canadian Rockies. The ambitious and complex wall design spans more than 23,000 sq. ft. (over 2,137 sq. m.) in total face area. Its height exceeds 40 ft. (12.2 m.) and features a color coating to compliment an existing wall tie-in.

The renowned strength and capabilities of MagnumStone’s large hollow core precast retaining wall system, were on full display with this project. Gain more details about block pricing from your nearest MagnumStone dealer here!