CornerStone-Wall-Designer-laptopThe CornerStone Wall Designer program is designed with the Engineer in mind. It includes multiple methodologies, MagnumStone wall products and geogrid reinforcement options for the designer to choose from. Select and edit soils information, input loads and slopes above and below the retaining wall. You can customize almost any part of your project. Best part of all is the ability to export the design to AutoCAD. The program is powerful and easy to use making it a time and money saver for the engineer.

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Retaining Wall Structure Options

  • Gravity
  • Geogrid Friction Reinforced
  • Geogrid Positive Reinforced

Retaining Wall Types

  • MagnumStone Geogrid Reinforced

  • MagnumStone Gravity

  • MagnumStone Positive

  • MagnumStone All Units

Input Options

  • Geometry of Wall
  • Soils
  • Factor of Safety
  • Block Specs
  • Geogrid Properties
  • Seismic Considerations
  • Global Stability
  • Compound Stability
  • Live and Dead Loads
  • Project Information
  • Imperial and Metric

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